Packing Services

Packing is a vital part of any move. If done wrong and it can be costly. Here at Love Moves our experienced, fully trained staff can take care of the packing for your move. On the other hand you may choose to pack for yourself.

If you choose to go for the Full Packing Service we will usually send a team of packers to your home before your move and they will pack all your belongings. Here at Love Moves our packers have access to quality packing materials and are trained, experienced professionals. By having our staff carry out the packing, this will also give you greater insurance cover.


Part-Packing Service

If you only need a few items packed, you can also choose our part-packing service. In this case our professional packers will pack certain items i.e dedicates and you will be charged per box packed by our staff. Items packed professionally benefit from superior insurance cover.

Self-Packing Service

If you prefer to have a self-packing service we will provide you packing material free of charge including packing cases and tape. If you are packing for yourself it is important that you complete all packing prior to our teams arrival, this will save time and most importantly it will save you money.

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Removal tips

  • Hire a removal company at least two weeks before the moving date. Most people have a moving date once the contracts are exchanged.
  • Look at a few quotations before you select a removal company. Look at factors such as the provision of packaging materials, storage and disposal services.
  • Avoid weekends and Fridays for the move because this tends to be the busiest times. Off – peak slots could be less stressful.
Packing and labelling
  • Start to gather the packaging materials required for the move. Materials such as newspapers, bubble wrap, string, and boxes from local supermarkets and shops. This will ease the hassle of the moving process.
  • Clearly mark boxes containing fragile goods.
  • Avoid using black bags to carry your goods has they tend to rip easily. Consider a vacuum storage system.

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